Cutting edge design apartments in the heart of Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam’s art district, surrounded by galleries and world famous museums, you’ll find 7 apartments that will redefine high-end real estate as we know it.

Located at Kerkstraat 60, in-between the beautiful Keizersgracht and Prinsengracht canals, the 64 M2 to 388 M2 apartments are renovated to sublime perfection. From foundation to roof, every single detail has been treated with a refined touch of love, precision, time and true craftsmanship. For the Collective Studio only the world’s highest quality is good enough. The result goes beyond sustainability; the apartments are constructed to last forever.

Every apartment is decorated with an exclusive range of the most cutting- edge art and design. The Collective Studio made it their mission to give each home its own character. From table to coverlets, all the design details have been attentively selected to ensure a luxurious living experience that breaths creativity and high quality.




Unlike the other apartments, this extensive loft is in semi-shell state. The Collective Studio will team up with you to design and build your ultimate living experience.

388m2 of open space
Private car lift and 3 parking spots
€ 3.250.000,- buyers costs / shell state

K.60 A

Ghyczy (Sold)

Named after the designers that created the centrepiece, this spacious apartment is the embodiment of craftsmanship.

152m2, First floor apartment (elevator)
Two bedrooms, two bathrooms
€ 1.750.000,- buyers cost

K.60 B


With a unique crafted handmade wooden floor, this apartment offers a mindblowing sense of artistry.

91m2, First floor apartment (elevator)
Two bedrooms, two bathrooms
€ 899.000,- buyers cost

K.60 C

Cosmopolitan Jungle (Sold)

The rooftop terrace with a spectacular view gives this Japanese inspired apartment the peaceful power of nature, right in the heart of Amsterdam.

156m2, Second floor apartment (elevator)
Two bedrooms, two bathrooms
30m2 rooftop terrace
€ 1.800.000,- buyers cost

K.60 D

Le Corbusier

Inspired by maestro Le Corbusier, this bold apartment offers you everything that modern city life demands. And more.

90m2, Second floor apartment (elevator)
Two bedrooms, two bathrooms
€ 950.000,- buyers costs

K.60 E

Gracious Anna (Sold)

This penthouse apartment is a true expression of creativity, endurance, elegance and grace.

64m2, Third floor penthouse apartment (elevator)
Two bedrooms, one bathroom
€ 695.000,- buyers costs

K.60 F

City Escape Penthouse

This exceptionally bright and light penthouse apartment offers you a true city escape.

74m2, Third floor penthouse apartment (elevator)
Two bedrooms, one bathroom
€ 699.000,- buyers costs